These young  men are three of the greatest blessings my husband and I have had in our lives!  This picture was taken quite a few years ago, but I love it.  It was long before our daughters-in-law and our grandchildren came to also bless our lives!

Our sons are grown now, and have moved away, but our hearts are forever intertwined with theirs.  We learned to love unconditionally when they were born.  What a blessing to feel that kind of love!

To all parents who read this post, please take the time to think about how much you have to be thankful for.  Make sure that your children know the depth of your love for them.  Every child has the right to be loved without judgment or conditions.

As parents, we need to guide our children, and set healthy limits for their behavior, but this should all be done with love and patience.  Children learn by their mistakes.  Falling short of our expectations should never lead them to questioning our love for them.

In the intervening years since our sons were born, our love has grown to gather in our daughters-in-law and our grandchildren.  It’s a remarkable thing to feel your love multiply as each new person comes in under the shelter of your heart!  There’s no shortage of love to go around.  This tenderness goes out to many others as well.

I write and speak so much about the power of love, because I think it’s critically important!  This Thanksgiving, please think about all the people you love, and about all who love you.  Be grateful for those wonderful blessings!

As you go through the rest of the coming year, try to remember those who might be feeling alone and forgotten.  How can you gather them in?  What can you do to show love for others?  This world needs it’s so badly!

If you’re someone who feels lonely and unloved, reach out for support.  Let others know what you’re feeling.  Let them know what you need.  Don’t suffer in silence!  Give others a chance to be there for you!

I want to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!  May your hearts feel lighter as you focus on the blessings of life, rather than whatever struggles you’re having — no matter how heavy those struggles might be.

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  • What gorgeous sons you have! You can see the love and light you shared and imparted into their beings, just shining though them as it does you. Thank you for letting us in on this beautiful reflection on gratitude and loving each other :)! So grateful to have you in my life too!

  • Thank you Teri! They are very special guys, my most cherished blessings! I’m glad that you found this post meaningful. It was my privilege to have an opportunity to reflect on my gratitude and love for them. I’m also very aware of the special blessing of having your friendship! Thank you for sharing yourself and your deep caring with me!

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