I’m always encouraging others to look at what they’re prioritizing, and make sure that those are the things that have the most meaning and value to them.  I’ve decided that I need to remember to do that for myself too.  Like most of you, I sometimes forget to take my own advice!

I put a lot of time and energy into writing this blog each week, and I hope that it has meaning to you, the readers.  I enjoy writing it, but I’m realizing that putting out two posts each week is more than I can easily keep up with.  Even though I love uplifting quotes, I’ve decided to no longer do a “Quote of the Week.”  I would love to hear your thoughts on my decision, if you would like to share them with me.  I could have just stopped doing the quotes without saying anything, but I thought you deserved an explanation.  (If you miss the quotes, check out Wisdom Quotes online.)

So often we start off on a path in life, and we forget to stop once in awhile and re-evaluate whether we’re on the right path for us.  I’ve worked with clients on this concept.  They know something isn’t working very well, but they often don’t give themselves the freedom to change their minds, and take an alternate path.  Flexibility is a real strength, and it makes life so much easier.

Please don’t let yourself feel boxed into a corner!  There are always options in life, even if it’s only a change in our attitude.  I’ve looked at my options around doing the weekly quote, and I realize that I could just continue doing it — and maybe adjust my attitude toward the time and energy it takes.  Or, I could do it monthly, rather than weekly.  Or, I could just give myself complete freedom to do it when, and how, I want to — which might be within a longer post, or might be a stand-alone every so often.  I’ve decided to take the last option!  I may change my mind later, but for now, this is my choice.

I’m feeling good about my decision!  I’m giving myself more freedom, time, and energy to do other things that might serve everyone, including myself, better.  Is there something that you’re doing now, that isn’t serving you well?  Look at your options!

Until next time,



  • I know how busy life can get and how long it could take to find a quote that is just perfect. Life is demanding, so I’m sure everyone is here to support your decision! I appreciate your blog and the time you dedicate to writing your posts because it serves as a nice place to be able to come and feel uplifted and motivated. Keep up the amazing work you do, because it is certainly valuable to me. 🙂


    • Lisa, thank you so much for your supportive comment! I really appreciate it. Finding the right quote and the right picture to go with it does take time. I love quotes, and I think many people do, but it just felt like one too many things that I needed to remember to do.

      I’m glad that my blog feels like a good place to come for motivation and encouragement. That’s what it’s meant to be. I want it to be a “soft place to land” when life seems a bit challenging, or when someone needs to feel a little less alone.

      Thank you again for your kind words,


  • Its freeing to remember that we do have options to change course and be ok with the end of a chapter. Once a chapter might have served me, and now it may no longer.

    • It is freeing, Michelle, and also very empowering! By giving ourselves the right to re-evaluate a decision, we have the opportunity to stop doing something if it is no longer the best option for us. That gives us the space to make a new decision, that serves us better. Thank you for your comment, Michelle!


  • Very well put. You do put a lot of effort into your site and your blog posts and it shows! Coming here alone puts me at ease. So, I think it’s a wonderful idea for you to take a break. Give yourself a moment to relax. As long as you keep posting as often as you are able to we will be happy. I think I’ll take your advice and give myself some breathing room as well.

    • Thank you, Patricia! I’m glad that my website and posts feel like places you can come to feel supported. I’m not taking a break from posting in general. I’m only taking a break (temporary or permanent) from the quotes. I feel comfortable with posting once a week. Doing it twice a week was feeling a bit heavy, which led me to my recent decision.

      I love the connections that can be developed between my writing down my thoughts, and the reader absorbing them — and then responding with their own thoughts. As much as I love quotes, they aren’t my own thoughts, so the feeling isn’t the same.

      Thank you for letting me know that you’ve decided to take some breathing room too! I love that!!


  • Linda, If you’re commitment to a blog post a week is feeling like a burden, then you are shooting yourself in the foot. Especially if it feels like you are not generating the return that you intended for your effort. The most successful people understand that they need to devote energy to the right things and that they can adjust and tweak along the way. It does not mean that we failed, but that we are learning from or experiences. I appreciated that you shared your own learning in this regard, as it helps us all have the courage to look at what we are doing and honestly make changes without a sense of having come up short.

    • Thank you for your support, Lynn! Actually, I enjoy doing one blog post a week. I was just feeling a bit pressured by doing two, so I decided to let my Quote of the Week go. I love that I can share my lessons with those who read my blog. I agree with you that our lives work best if we give ourselves the freedom to “adjust and tweak along the way.” Our lives are constantly changing, and when we can be flexible about what we want to keep in our lives, things are so much rewarding and relaxed.


  • Linda, I enjoyed reading your posts this morning. I appreciate your style and topic choice. Your words served as a helpful reminder to me: “priorities…options…building a supportive foundation.” Thank you. You express enjoyment in crafting your own posts, and it sounds like this time provides you some moments of “flow” where some of your strengths (thought, creating, communicating, connecting) energize you.

    • What a nice surprise, Jeff! Thank you for reading my posts and for sharing your thoughts on this one. Aren’t those moments of “flow” wonderful?! There are times when everything just seems to come together in the way they’re meant to, and good things happen.

      Thank you for sharing what you see as my strengths. It’s always interesting to learn how others see you, and to find out if their view coincides with your own.


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