It has been quite awhile since I’ve written in this blog. I apologize for the long absence. Sometimes life just intervenes, and it creates less stress if we can be flexible and accepting of where we are and what’s going on.

We’re in the middle of a very major remodel on our house. I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentioned that before. We’ve gutted our kitchen, but the remodel seems to have seeped into the rest of the house in one way or another. Our house feels pretty chaotic and unfamiliar right now. In the middle of all of that came Thanksgiving, and family coming to visit. Flexibility was certainly the order of the day! We will have lots of stories to tell in the future about this last crazy Thanksgiving! A sense of humor can be a lifesaver at times like that.

A couple days or so after Thanksgiving, my laptop computer decided to go on a complete sit-down strike! It’s the laptop computer that I use to write this blog. It was definitely out of commission, and still is. I’m typing this on my husband’s very old, very slow — but operable — desktop computer. The good news is that I got my laptop into Latitude 34 Technologies in time for them to do a backup of all my information, so that nothing was lost. They’ve also been great at working with me on the best course of action, which will enable me to get back into operation as soon as possible — with the least amount of expense and inconvenience. After considering the options, it’s definitely time for a new laptop!

There have been a few more minor things, but these were the major ones that where getting between me and my productivity. So, as much as I enjoy writing this blog and connecting with all of you, it just wasn’t in the cards this last week and a half. I hope you’re all well, and that you have had many blessings since the last time we connected.

Until next time,



  • I’m glad to hear someone else has “life interference.” I had actually gotten to the point of being so used to reading this wonderful blog, and having it relate so well to my life, that I was looking forward to see what coincidence we shared this week. What I have found: it’s nice when professionals, and people of status in our culture, share that they are people too, subject to the same curve balls that life throws all of us from time to time. It gives me greater confidence that their words of wisdom are grounded in reality as well at theory. Thanks, Linda!

  • Hi Danielle,
    Thank you so much for your comment. I’m really happy to hear that you feel the blog relates well to your life. No matter what titles people have, or what their particular status might be, each of us has our very real human tendencies in common. Life happens to all of us, if we’re honest enough to admit it. We all have our good days and our “not so good days”. As a therapist, I’m educated, trained, and experienced in the theories that I write about. As a human being, I have learned from falling down and then getting back up again, just like everyone else.

    Thsnk you for letting me know that the blog has meaning to you, Danielle.

    Take good care,

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