What a lonely world it can be without friends and family that care about us!  Our lives get so busy sometimes, that we may just put our heads down and keep pushing through our “To Do List.”

We tell our friends and family that we’re sorry, but we have too much to do.  We tell them that we can’t go here or there.  We can’t meet them for lunch, or take time to go see a movie, or go for a walk.  We’re just too busy!

What we really are telling them — although maybe not in so many words — is that we really have more important things to do.  In effect, we’re putting them (and our relationship with them) up on the shelf.  They’re supposed to wait patiently there, until we’re ready to go “play.”

What if all of a sudden we discover that we’re out of time?  What if it’s too late for us to decide that we miss them, and want to reconnect?  Sometimes people get tired of waiting for us to make space for them.  They move onto other more available relationships.  Sometimes a serious illness or injury happens, and the people we love are suddenly gone!

The important thing to remember is that none of us are guaranteed tomorrow!  We all need to make space in our lives for the friends and family that love us.  We shouldn’t put them off until tomorrow.  Tomorrow may never come!

We need to reach out now to let them know we care!   Think about who you need to call or go see today.  Then go do it!!

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