It’s the weekend! It’s time to get out and about, if you’re able. I know that some of you work weekends, but whenever you have a day off, be sure that you get out at least part of the time, and enjoy this special opportunity for personal growth and fulfillment. Make time for you.

There’s nothing like breaking out of our routines to renew our spirits. Time goes by so quickly, whether we waste it, or use it wisely. Leave whatever you think you need to do right now, and go outside. You can enrich your life, if you make the time and find the right space for mindful contemplation.

I love this picture. It was taken down at our local boat marina, early one morning. I love how calm and peaceful the moment looks. Do you see the reflective quality of the water? We can use this scene as a way to look into our own lives. If you were viewing photographs of your life, what would they be reflecting back to you, and outward to others? Are you living your values? Are you open and loving to those whose lives you touch? Are you treating yourself with acceptance and gentleness? Do you feel centered and connected to a spiritual belief system?

We need to have peace and quiet to ask these questions. Where can you go in nature to be able to have the space for meaningful, mindful contemplation? Early morning is a great time to connect with yourself. If you’re not living your life the way you would like, begin anew today. Make this a promise to yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

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