I’ve written before about the power that we all have to make choices in our lives. This last week, I made a conscious decision to take a week off from anything connected with business. I told my clients that I would be available if any emergencies came up, but otherwise I would see them for their next scheduled appointments the following week. I did not go to any business meetings, did not write any blog entries, or do any work online during the week.
When I first went into private practice, I decided that it was very important that I practiced what I preached. I am always talking with clients about the need to manage their stress in healthy ways. I need to do the same! It can be very stressful to work with people’s problems and traumas each day, so all therapists need to learn how to manage their stress in ways that keep them physically and emotionally healthy and able to continue their work without burning out. One way to do this is to take time off on a regular basis for rest and relaxation.
This last week was strictly reserved for family time. Two of my 3 sons and their families were here visiting. We had a wonderful week of togetherness and built memories that will sustain us until the next visit. Today is the first day that it’s just my husband and I again, and the house feels pretty quiet and a bit empty. We will transition back to our regular routines though, and enjoy the memories of our time together.
My emotional batteries are recharged, and I’m ready to put my energies back into my work. I wanted to let you know why you haven’t heard from me for awhile. I made a choice that was right for me, and as I sit down to write this, I’m feeling relaxed and rested. It’s a good feeling!
Until next time,

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