I wanted to let you all know that I finally have my website “live” online! It’s called Counseling in SB. It isn’t perfect, but it’s “good enough” for now! (Check it out by clicking on the link!) Besides letting you know that it exists, I wanted to tell you about the process of getting it done.

My last entry was about anxiety. One thing that often leads to anxiety is the mistaken belief that what you do should be perfect. I totally got tripped up with that for a period of time — a very long period of time — with my website!

I could not get started at all for quite awhile, even though I knew having a website online was important. Then after I got started, I couldn’t get it finished. I found everything under the sun to do instead of working on it! I finally woke up to the reality that it just needed to be “good enough!” That is something that I have had to learn over and over — and over — through the years. Just because someone is a therapist doesn’t mean that they aren’t still very human, and it doesn’t mean that they have everything figured out all the time — and it, also, doesn’t mean that they remember the things that they’ve already learned!!

I’m hoping that you can learn from my struggles. When we leave our comfort zone, and attempt to do something we’ve never done before, there is bound to be anxiety. That isn’t a problem, unless we let that anxiety keep us stuck. The keys are: 1) to allow ourselves to not know how to do something 2) to be OK with making mistakes 3) to gladly reach out for help — and then 4) to do a “good enough” job at whatever we’re attempting.

My website isn’t perfect. I’m sure I will want to fine-tune it in time, but for right now…I am so thrilled that it’s done!! I’m celebrating overcoming a big obstacle, and moving forward!! Celebrate with me, and do a task of your own in a “good enough” way! Let me know about your successes, and I’ll celebrate with you!

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