Last week I had a client come in for her session, and talk about something that I felt must have been difficult to discuss.  Toward the end of the session, I asked her how she was feeling, and if she had any regrets in bringing this subject up.  Without any hesitation, she told me that she felt fine about it, because this (my office) was her safe space.

I was so touched!  I love the idea of creating a space that feels emotionally safe and comforting for my clients to talk with me about anything that might be troubling them.

I’ve purposely decorated the office in a way that looks, and feels, nurturing and cozy.  The colors are soft and muted.  And I’ve brought nature in with lots of plant, shells, and rocks.  I also have large windows on two walls.  There’s a very big tree right outside the window.  Birds sometimes fly in to rest in the shelter of its branches, and breezes gently stir the leaves.   Under the windows, there’s a low bookshelf, full of some of my favorite books.

I encourage my clients to get comfortable where they’re sitting.  My couch is pretty deep, so there’s plenty of room to sit “yoga style,” or curl up with their feet under them.  There are pillows there, that can be moved around in whatever way feels just right to each person.  There’s also a swivel chair, which allows them to have movement if that’s comforting.

That’s the physical environment of the room.  Then there’s the emotional environment within the room.  Each person, who comes in to see me, is treated with gentleness, encouragement, and compassion.  I’m there to support, guide, and honor their process.  I’m never there to judge them, or put pressure on them.  We work together as a team.  We create a therapeutic relationship based on warmth, kindness, trust, and respect.  I genuinely care about my clients, and they can feel that caring.  The atmosphere within the room allows my clients to breathe easy, and to feel physically and emotionally safe and comforted.  That makes me feel really good!

I hope you each have a safe space somewhere, to feel nurtured, protected, and supported.

Until next time,



  • That is a supreme compliment! I’m glad you shared it. Environment is so important. Even making a small change to the where a plant sits or clearing your desktop can create big results.

    • Thank you, Amy! When my client said that, I was so touched. It feels wonderful to know that you’ve created a space which feels safe and nurturing to others. So many people need the sense of safety in their lives, particularly when there’s been trauma. You’re right — small changes in a space can create big results.


    • Thank you, Barbara! What a kind thing to say. I love to create a sense of peace for others — and for myself. We all benefit from feeling peaceful.

      Take good care,


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