Life seems to be so often about change.  Some change feels instantly good, but other changes can be a bit challenging.   Change is how we grow!

I have loved writing this blog on Google’s Blogger, since the Spring of 2009, and I thank all of you for going on this journey with me.  You’ve been wonderful traveling companions!

I’ve decided that now is the right time to move my blog over to my website.  This will enable people to read the posts and then easily move back and forth throughout my website, for further information on how I do Counseling in Santa Barbara.

This change will be a process, as is almost all change.  While in this process, the automatic emailing and RSS feed for my posts will be interrupted.  I’m sorry for any inconvenience this will cause you.  I think when the bugs all get worked out, you’ll be happy with the change.

In the meantime, just click here:  Counseling in Santa Barbara blog.  to read my new posts.  While you’re there, you can scan back through a few of the older posts that are already there (In time, they will all be moved over.), or move around throughout my website.  Until I am able to get it so that you can subscribe on my website blog, I would be glad to forward my new posts to you, if you send an email request to me at

Thank you for your patience, and continued interest in the information and thoughts I bring to you through my blog.  I would love to have you share your comments with me, either here, or in emails to

I’m continuing on with my journey to connect with you on a regular basis, and I hope you’ll continue to travel with me!

Until next time,


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