I’m away on my sentimental journey this week and next.  Today, I spent several hours in the little town of Knoxville, Illinois.  My grandmother spent her whole life here, and I spent quite a bit of my childhood visiting her.

It was a magical place to me as a child!  There was a wonderful lake just across the street and down a dirt lane.  My brother and I were taught how to fish in that lake by our grandfather.

Because this was, and still is, a very small town, we were given lots of freedom to be out and about by ourselves.  We had friends in the neighborhood, and we would take off through the pasture with our sack lunches, and have picnics under the large trees.

We would also walk all over town by ourselves, and go to the Saturday matinee, or over to the ice cream store.  We, also, walked down to the town square Saturday evenings with our grandmother, to listen to the band concerts in the park.

It was such a special time!  These are just a few of my memories.  I wonder if you had a special place to go as a child.  Have you ever gone back?  Were you able get in touch with that younger you, that has all of those memories stored in a special part of your heart?  I hope you have.  I’ve had a wonderful time strolling down memory lane!  I wish that for each of you too.

Until next time,



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