I don’t think I’m different from anyone else. I have those days that make me feel like pulling my hair out! You know those days! The ones where nothing seems to be going right. I had one of those this morning.

I decided that I’d better get a blog entry written, since it had been awhile. I sat down to my computer. For some reason, I absolutely could not get the beautiful picture you see to your left uploaded. I tried 5 different times, and nothing happened. I finally gave up in frustration.

So I wasn’t going to be able to write my blog right then, but I still had plenty of other things I needed to do. I decided that I had better get some online continuing education classes ordered, so that I would have time to get them all done before time to renew my license. I picked out the classes, and put them in my “shopping cart”, only to find that I was completely unable to log-in to my account to complete the process.

There had been a couple other minor irritations earlier. I won’t go into those now, but those earlier irritations, added to my computer problems, added to a sore back that I’ve been struggling with for a few days, led me to becoming more irritated by the minute. I finally had enough good sense to get my tennis shoes, and head outside for a walk. It was a beautiful morning in Santa Barbara! I started walking down our hill. I heard birds singing in the trees above me, and I felt the warm sun on my cheeks and a soft breeze blowing my hair. I saw beautiful flowers, in an amazing array of colors, all around me. I soon realized that I was breathing easier, and my body was more relaxed. Nature had done its magic to turn the frustrating morning into something I was actually enjoying.

By the time I got back home, I was calm enough to remember that I could call the online company and get the classes ordered. I did that with no further difficulty. Then I sat down to try writing this blog again. I held my breath for just a second as I clicked on the picture. This time, it uploaded immediately. Evidently it was a problem with the blog carrier earlier. My added bonus was that my back also felt better from going for a walk.

Nature had stepped right up to the challenge — once I stepped out my front door into nature! Give it a try someday, when you’re having one of those days! Your stress will begin to evaporate, as you change your focus from your struggles to your blessings. Enjoy!

Until next time,



  • I totally know what you mean. I had a night like that last night. Thanks for the reminder to get out in nature!

  • Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you for your comment. Sometimes it helps to just move away from our frustrations for awhile. When we move out into nature for a period of time, we’re reminded about all the blessings that abound for all of us, if we just change our focus to connect with them. I hope you’re feeling more relaxed now.

    Take care,

  • Hi Linda, this is so perfect for me right now. i am in ‘guard your thoughts’ mode as i continue to heal my broken heart and a walk on the beach or up Sycamore Canyon/Barker Pass or even just putzing in my back yard garden is the blessing and freedom i look for and need to support my healing process. i could ‘feel’ your relaxation as i read your blog. thank you for sharing. be well, Janie

  • Hi Linda,
    I think all of us can relate to the kind of day you were having! Makes me laugh now, but I’m certainly not laughing when it’s happening. You are right on the mark with suggesting time in nature to help us snap our minds out of the negative mode. Thanks for the reminder!
    Take care,

  • Hi Janie,
    I’m glad that this entry came at a perfect time for you. Nature is a blessing that we all have available to us if we only choose to put our focus there. You’re very wise to use it to support your healing process.

    Thank you for commenting on my blog.

    Take good care,


  • Hi Renee,
    Isn’t it wonderful how we gain a different perspective on our momentary struggles when we look back on them! Nature is a magical healer for all types of small frustrations and short-term sadness.

    Thanks for your comment, Renee.

    Enjoy today,

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