Our lives tell our stories!  Most stories have lots of plot twists and turns.  Each time that there’s a shift, there’s an opportunity to head in a new direction.

I took this picture of a beautiful tree in a park in West Linn, OR.  I could have focused on the whole tree, but I was fascinated by this small section.  Its thick bark was full of holes from one or more woodpeckers, and it had wonderful spots of moss and lichen growing on it.  This close-up to me was more interesting than looking at the large tree as a whole.  When I looked up close, I could see so much more of the details.

It struck me that it could be symbolic of our lives.  When we focus on the totality of our lives, we risk missing the wonder of each small section.  We have so many parts to us, and to our lives.  We don’t have to be defined by something that’s happened in our past.  We can focus instead on the power we have in this moment to create something new, and something of value.  We have choices that we can make right now that will change our whole future.  Do you need to create a shift in the path you’ve been taking?  It could be the start of a powerful new chapter for you.  Give it a try!

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