Mindfulness — “being in the moment” — is a big focus of many articles and lectures on stress management these days.  Lots of books have, also, been written on this as a good option for avoiding overwhelm and lowering our stress!  Experts use a myriad of ways to try and get the point across to us.  Why is all of that necessary?

It’s necessary, because as adults we’re constantly told that we need to learn to multitask.  We’re told that the better we are at multitasking, the more productive we will be.  “Doing” is much valued in the workplace, and in our larger Western culture.  Is it any wonder that we’ve too often forgotten how to just “be?”

We knew at one point.  All of us knew how to “be in the moment!”  We knew when we were kids, when we were totally immersed in whatever had captured our attention.  Unless kids live in a specific situation that makes them vulnerable to stress, they’re usually pretty good at being relaxed.  We could learn some valuable lessons from them!

I love this picture!  It perfectly illustrates what I’m talking about.  These kids aren’t struggling with attempts to divide their attention.  They are both very focused on watching the sand particles drift from the shovel back down to the beach.  They have “being in the moment” down pat!

Let’s see if we can recapture what we knew instinctively as children.  We need to give ourselves opportunities every day to simply “be.”  Our stress will go down.  Our health will improve.  And…. our enjoyment of life will automatically go way up!  Are you willing to give it a try?

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