My big apologies to all of you, for being absent for so long.  I think my vacation interrupted the flow of my writing — or something.  In addition, a dear little boy, who’s a member of our family, has been very ill, and in the hospital for several weeks.  He’s much better now, and I think I’m ready to come back to my blog.

How are you doing with your fall?  I usually love this time of year.  The weather begins to have a chill to it.  The leaves start to turn color, and for us, the rains begin.  This year, it feels like everything is Topsy-turvy!  We’ve broken records with our heat, and there’s no rain in sight for southern California.  I shouldn’t complain, because our weather has been sunny and beautiful, but we so badly need rain.

I have no control over the weather, though, so I try to keep my focus on the things I can control.  We open our windows when the cool evening comes, and close everything up during the heat of the day. That allows us to be comfortable in our home, even when it’s pretty warm outside.

As for the lack of rain, our yard is full of many drought-tolerant plants, and we conserve water as much as possible in many ways.  That allows us to share some water with the birds, and a family of wild bunnies, who have chosen our backyard as their new home.  It also allows us to put small amounts of water on the plants that attract the birds, bees, and butterflies to our yard.  We get so much enjoyment from them!

Life has it’s ups and downs, for all of us.  If we focus on the things that we can’t control (like the weather), we’re guaranteed to feel frustrated and unhappy.  We each need to put our time, energy, and attention on the things we can control.  Our control rests in the choices we make.  We have power when we choose wisely.  Our lives can be pleasant, and we can feel cheerful and relaxed, if we keep our focus on where we have power!

Until next time,



    • Thank you, Amy! I so agree with you. Latching onto the “other stuff” is easy to do. Unfortunately, it creates a sense of helplessness in most of us. It’s so much better to keep our focus on the things that we can do something about, because it makes life feel so much more doable.


  • Nice to have you back, Linda!

    I really like your message about putting our effort into what we can control or change. We often get wrapped up on things outside of our control, but this only serves to distract and bring us down.

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