I hope you enjoy this blog enough to have noticed that my weekly post didn’t happen last week!  I followed my own advice, and disengaged from the busyness of work for awhile.  My husband and I went to Portland for 10 days, to spend time with family, and to soak in the beauty of the Northwest.

It was a happy, meaningful time, spent with loved ones.  We got out and walked quite a bit, and enjoyed all of the beautiful flowers, in full bloom, and the emerald green grass, trees, and bushes.  We saw days that were sunny and warm, and days that were cloudy and cool.

This last Monday, we even experienced a wonderful thunderstorm, complete with booming thunder, lightening strikes, heavy rain, and hail!  We were walking to the library when it started to rain, and just as we stepped inside the building, the heavens opened up, and it really poured!  We were in a cozy room, with large windows clear across the back wall, and they looked out on a beautiful wooded area.  It was a great place to view the splendor.  I loved the whole experience!!

Please treat yourself to a period of rest and relaxation, as soon as you can!  It’s a great way to manage stress.  Even if you can’t take enough time off to travel away from home, change your focus from the busyness of life, over to the quiet, peacefulness of being fully present and awake to the blessings around you.

Step away from your work, if even for a couple hours!  Go out for a walk.  Let your mind rest in the beauty and restorative quality of our natural world.  Breathe in deeply and calmly.  Breathe out all of your stress and tension.  Take mini-breaks of restoration!  It will pay wonderful dividends!!

Until next time,



    • Kymberly, it really felt like a magical experience! I’m sure my appreciation was extra high because it’s been such a long time since we’ve had a super good rain like that.


  • Linda, what an excellent example of “physician, heal thyself.” Tomorrow, I leave for a period of disengagement from the busyness of life and work. Really looking forward to it.

  • This is such a good reminder for all of us to take a break! I’m so glad you got to enjoy time with family and well deserved break from work.

    • Thank you, Linda. It was a wonderful “timeout!” There’s just nothing like being around people that you love!!


  • I used to live in Oregon, and it is one of my favorite places. It’s so green and beautiful there, even when it storms. Glad you enjoyed your say there! I’m lucky to say I’ve lived in such gorgeous places like Bend and Santa Barbara, which makes it easy to take a step back from work and just take in the scenery.

    • We are blessed to be able to live in an area that is so beautiful, Lisa! I’ve never lived in Oregon, but I’ve spent quite a bit of time there, because two of our kids have lived there for many years.

      Even mini-vacations in either of these beautiful areas is enough to start our recharging!


  • I’m so glad that you got to do that Linda! It’s so great to be able to take a little time off from all of our daily concerns. I may just have to take a page out of your book and go on a little vacation soon myself!

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