Do you know someone who is really special?  Someone who touches your heart in a very deep way.  

I’ve had many people come into my life, who I have instinctively known were meant to be there. They’ve had exquisite gifts to share with me.

They’ve had a way of looking at life that was so wise and loving!  I’ve felt enriched just by being in their presence. 

Sometimes those connections were fleeting, and all too soon gone.  Other times, I’ve been lucky enough to have them with me for a long time.  

There are so many amazing spirits that honor us with their presence throughout our lives! They come in the guise of everyday people: neighbors, co-workers, friends, family members, etc. They touch our souls in meaningful ways.  They teach us, lead us, nurture us, and sometimes help us heal. 

It’s important that we live our lives with awareness, so that we don’t miss the gift of what they’ve come to share.  Honor them by being really present for your shared time! You have no way of knowing how long they’ll be there.

Rest assured that you’ll change for having known them.  You’ll never be the same.  Even when they’re gone, you will retain bits of their wisdom, their warmth, their generosity of spirit.  Part of them will always be with you!  Celebrate their gifts, even as you give your own gifts to those whose lives you touch!  We all have something to share with the world!

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* Part of this post was copied from one that I wrote recently on Facebook.  It was written in response to the death of a longtime family friend who recently lost her battle with cancer.  She approached death with calmness, love, and grace.  Her spirit deeply touched the lives of all who came to be with her in those final days.  I believe she is somewhere gently looking down with love, to comfort all the lives she touched along her way. *


  • Thank you for this beautiful article on those treasured people/relationships we have in life. So true that these special people imprint on our souls and hearts impressions, care, wisdom and love..that will always be a part of us 🙂 thank you again!

  • Teri, thank you for kind, loving words! Our relationships have such value, I want to do my part in helping people recognize how special the people “around” them are. It doesn’t matter if they’re near or far. If our hearts touch, they will feel close and dear to us.


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