Life seems like it’s often a series of twists and turns.  You get lulled into a false sense of security and predictability, and then apparently out of nowhere comes a shift.  Where did that come from?  You didn’t see it coming, but there it is!  That straight line of expectations for each day suddenly has some serious curves, or  even major 90 degree angles.

At that point, you have two choices.  You can cover your head and shut your eyes, and hope this unwanted shift just magically goes away.  This choice allows you to cling to denial, and go about your business as if nothing has changed — at least for a little while.  The other choice is to look that change straight in the eye, and take stock of what your options are for handling it with life-affirming action.  This choice allows you to use your strengths to move forward with faith and fortitude.

These are two very different choices!  Which choice is the empowerment choice?  Which choice leads to developing comfort with inevitable changes?  Which choice helps you to create flexibility and resilience in your life?

Some people find change exhilarating, but most of us (myself included) like to have things go along in a familiar way.  Isn’t it more comforting to slip into those old, comfy pair of bedroom slippers when you first get up in the morning, instead of stuffing your feet into a brand new pair of stiff leather shoes?  There’s a ease in what we’re used to.

But change happens — and old slippers wear out, so we best be prepared to deal with it!

Until next time,


* This post is dedicated to my dear friend, Susan Ann Darley, of Creating a Better World  Her faith, strength, and resilience continue to inspire me!


    • Susan, you’re a dear friend, and if we can provide mutual inspiration, so much the better. I’m looking forward to reading your new post, and very much looking forward to another “jam session!”


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