Why is it that we keep having to relearn things that we thought we already knew?  I probably shouldn’t make assumptions here, but I’ve talked to enough people, and read enough articles, to feel fairly certain that I’m not the only one with this problem.  Circumstances change, and we change, and all of a sudden we find ourselves back at the same learning place again.

I thought I had how to say “No” down pretty pat.  It’s a really important skill to learn.  I work with clients all the time on how to give themselves permission to put their own priorities first.  I was surprised when I realized that I was holding onto some things that were no longer working for me.  I was feeling like I didn’t have a choice.

I came home from dealing with my mom’s final illness and then her death, feeling pretty exhausted.  I knew instinctively that I needed to really rest and build up my energies again.  I had only been home a couple days, when I came down with a virus.  That was good information on how depleted I was.  My immune system wasn’t strong enough at that point to fight off germs.  Stress really depresses the immune system!

The other day, I started thinking about the last couple years, and how taxing they’ve been with serious family illnesses and a lot of added responsibility for both my husband and me, in dealing with elderly parents and their needs.  As I thought about all of that, I realized that I needed to really look at how I spend my time and energy.

That brought me to the point of knowing that there were some commitments that I needed to let go, at least for now.  Making a decision, and then following through with whatever action is needed, can feel a bit daunting sometimes, but I was determined.

The relief you feel after you have taken action is so profound.  I did follow through with the decisions I had made, and now, I’ve made space (both literally and figuratively) to bring new, enriching things into my life.  Is there anything you need to let go?  Is there anything that you’ve been considering doing, because someone asked you to please do it — but you really don’t want to?  Maybe you need to relearn how to say, “NO” too!

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