What is your reality if you’re always focused on your current problems and your future fears? Our thoughts create our reality! If we are always focused on the negatives of life, our life becomes filled to the brim with negative energy.

Please remember to count your blessings! Every one has blessings, no matter what your current situation might be. Sometimes, we might need to look harder than at other times to find them, but they’re always there.

Yesterday, I went out in our front yard and spent a few minutes watering. It all of the sudden came to me how happy I felt in that moment. There was a soft breeze blowing, and even though it was overcast, the day still had its own light, fresh quality. As I stood there, I became aware of a monarch butterfly fluttering through the plants, saw a mockingbird land in the jacaranda tree not far away, and then my attention was caught by the sound of the bees buzzing around the purple sage near my feet. In that moment, I realized that I felt blessed to be right where I was, doing just exactly what I was doing.

I’ve thought of that moment several times since yesterday, and I was able each time to recapture the contentment I felt standing in my own little corner of the world. I have so many blessings, but like everyone else, I sometimes get bogged down and forget to focus on the very things that enrich my life. This entry is as much for me as for you, the readers! We all need to think about what makes our lives truly worth living. For me, my family tops my list of blessings. My list would be: family and friends, our health and safety, resources to meet our needs, a career that I love, connection with nature, books to read, family pets, music to relax by, and on and on.

What would be on your list of blessings? I would really, truly love to hear from you, but whether you take the time to write or not, please think about your blessings. It will change your day!!


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