Specializing in Women’s Issues & Stress Management

Linda Menesez, MSW, LCSW, specializes in helping women recognize their own power to create profound changes in their lives! This dramatically increases their sense of well-being, both personally and professionally. Women tend to lead very busy lives, which are often focused on the needs of others. Through therapy, they are more able to understand the importance of self-care, self-nurturing, and self-compassion, allowing them to better deal with the various stressors of life.

linda_menesez_servicesAs a counselor and therapist, Linda is skilled in using a variety of treatment methods to meet the individual needs of each person. Her primary focus is centered around a strongly-held belief in the healing capacity of the client/therapist relationship, which supports the personal growth process on a number of different levels. Passionate about her work, Linda feels honored to be part of each client’s healing journey, and takes this responsibility seriously.

There are always going to be challenges in life. But with Linda’s support, you can learn to break through whatever has been keeping you stuck and unhappy. You can learn to recognize and use your individual strengths and inner resources to create a much healthier, more joyful tomorrow.

Her Santa Barbara therapy sessions can be a powerful resource for anyone dealing with depression, anxiety, negative relationships, low self-esteem, high stress, or past/present trauma. Linda can help you achieve a greater sense of inner peace, more life satisfaction, and a deeper sense of self. Life doesn’t have to be so hard.