No one can go backwards in time, and erase the past hurts suffered  — or the poor decisions made.  We can each go forward from here, though, and create new pathways into our future.  Spring is a wonderful time for that!

Recently, I played a part in helping some much-loved family members reconnect.  I can’t begin to explain the total joy I felt around that!  These people at one time had been very close, and then something happened, and they completely disconnected for many years.   The details of what happened don’t matter.  The only thing that matters now, is that their hearts allowed them to come back together, before it was too late.

Don’t settle for living with regrets, if there’s anything that you can do to prevent them.  While there’s still time, think about what changes you need to make.  Move forward with action, no matter how small!  Get whatever help and support you need to create a new beginning.

As long as there is still breath left in your body, you still have the opportunity to bring about miracles for yourself, and for others.  Don’t delay, though.  None of us know when it is going to be too late.

Is there someone who you need to make amends to, or something that you’ve been meaning to change, or a dream that you’ve had for a very long time?  Whatever it is, take action now!  Begin with whatever baby steps are necessary, but just begin.  Get whatever help you need, and go forward!  Put one foot in front of the other!

Look around you and see all the fresh beginnings that nature is creating right now, and take a hold of your courage and faith, and take that first step!

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    • That sounds like a good plan, Valerie! I’m sure that you have a lot more valuable information to share, that will be helpful to your readers.


  • Linda~I cannot adequately express how much this Spring theme means to me. You are easily the most present, well informed , loving person I’ve met in years.

    • Thank you for such a kind comment, Linda! I’m very glad that this post was meaningful to you. Spring is a wonderful time of the year. It’s beautiful in reality, but can also can be very symbolic for fresh starts. Enjoy!


  • This is so beautiful and so inspirational. I wholeheartedly believe that it’s never too late and this post reinforces that belief. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you, Tania! I’m really happy that this was meaningful to you. It’s wonderful that you already had the belief that people can change anytime they want to. It’s a very empowering idea!


  • I loved your theme of new beginnings and I’m glad you helped this family reconnect. It’s scary to think where many people would be without people like you!

    Lynn K. Jones

    • Thank you, Lynn! I love to help people move forward in their lives. Staying stuck in anger and resentment, or really any negative emotional state, can poison the spirit, and literally lead to a decreased sense of well-being.


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