In the last two days, I’ve been to two different group meetings of successful, Santa Barbara business women. Even though their professional lives are fulfilling, I keep hearing a very common theme among them. Their lives are just way too busy! There isn’t enough downtime to keep them from feeling pressured and full of stress. Most of us can deal with pretty big stressors for a period of time, but when the extreme busyness and stress goes on and on, there’s a cumulative impact, which can be serious. Stress exhaustion can manifest itself physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and relationally!

Please don’t allow stress to seriously diminish the quality of your lives. There are many changes that you can make, which would alleviate quite a bit of stress. I wrote about this earlier in an entry called: Prioritize, Delegate, and Let Go, to Make Life Easier. Click on this link to read or re-read what I talked about there. There are also many books readily available on the subject of stress management. If stress is already a serious issue with you, then you may want to contact a therapist to help you evaluate the personal changes that would improve your quality of life. I would be glad to help you with this if you’re here locally, but there are also many well-qualified therapists in different areas who could make a real difference in your lives.

Please let me know what your specific needs are in dealing with stress, and I will address those in future entries. If you have personally found some effective ways to lower your stress, I would love to hear them, so that I can share those with other readers. We can help each other grow. In addition, I would be happy to give anyone interested, more details on the many ways stress exhaustion can affect you.

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