I hope you spend some time today doing something magical — something that brings you joy!  Each day we’re given is a gift, and it’s important to celebrate it.

So many times, I’ve had clients tell me that they used to love playing a musical instrument, or creating some type of art, or dancing to some favorite songs, or planting a flower garden, full of bright colors.

When I ask them how long it’s been since they’ve done any of those things, they often say they don’t have any idea.  They tell me they just don’t have the time anymore.  They’re too busy earning a living, taking care of their home, meeting the needs of their kids and/or elderly parents.  Sometimes it’s literally been years since they’ve taken time to do something that used to bring them such joy!

It doesn’t have to be a big block of time.  Just spending half an hour, on a regular basis, doing something that feeds your soul, can pay amazing dividends!  When my clients begin to put those activities back in their lives, they can’t believe how much happier and more relaxed they become.

Please start reconnecting to the part of you that feels joyful.  Summertime is a great time to make this change. Do it for yourself, and for all who love you!

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  • Thanks for the prompt to reconnect to our joyful selves! Your blog has gotten me thinking about how I can re-prioritize a few things to make time and space for that joyful self!

  • That is so great, Lynn! Reconnecting to our joyful self is such a wonderful gift that we can give ourselves! Sometimes we just drift into a busyness that becomes a way of life before we know it.


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