I want to welcome all who come here. Each of you is a fellow traveler in this great adventure called life. As we journey together, there will be many challenges that come our way. We might have to climb symbolic mountains or ford daunting rivers, but if we do it together, we’ll each grow stronger and wiser for the journey ahead. In sharing the wisdom we learn along the way, we’ll all shine a little brighter and stand a little taller! Please join me, and let’s go forward, arm in arm. I’m honored to be walking with you through the peaks and the valleys of life.

I would like to share one of my favorite quotes with you to start our journey together.

“Greater is that within us, than in all the circumstances around us.”
(by Ralph Waldo Emerson)

I’m a counselor in Santa Barbara, and I’m often saddened to see that my view of my clients is very different from their view of themselves. Many of them do not recognize their own wisdom and strength. There are all kinds of adversities as we go through life, but each struggle we endure and overcome can be used to make us sturdier and wiser. During my counseling sessions, I share my view of my clients with them, as time goes by. Sometimes they are able to begin to shift their own views fairly easily. Other times, I might need to hold this more positive view for them, until the time comes when they can begin to hold it for themselves. It’s always exciting when they grasp the truth of the quote above, when they see the greatness within.

You can start now to see yourself in a different light. Soften your gaze and look through eyes of love and acceptance. You deserve nothing less!

Take good care and make this moment a new beginning,


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