Our election is over!  I was looking forward to having the mean-spirited, contentious campaigning behind us.  Like so many others, I was very tired of all of the harsh political ads, and the biased, angry social media posts.  I wanted to have the election process done.  I wanted our focus to return to more normal, day-to-day happenings.

I’ve never wanted anger to have a big presence in my life.  I’ve surrounded myself with calm, peaceful people, situations, and energy.  But the fierce campaigning we’ve just gone through has too often felt like a barrage of prickly, abrasive, negative stimuli of all kinds.  It came right into our homes whenever we turned on the news, or checked into social media on our computers.

Unfortunately, even though the election has been decided, the anger and hostility have continued.  We’re still very divided.  For those who were for Donald Trump, it is a time of celebration.  For those who were for Hillary Clinton, it is a time of sorrow.  Whatever we’re feeling, we need to honor our process.  The grief and sorrow are harder to work through, and they take time.  What I want to stress, though, is that we don’t have to start attacking each other.

We all need to stand up for what we believe in!  It’s important that our voices be heard, but our words and actions need to shine with integrity.  We don’t have to surrender our beliefs and values in order to connect.  If we turn away from each other, we become even more polarized.  Any opportunity for mutual understanding and growth vanishes!  If we can approach each other with respect, we will have a better chance of discovering our similarities — and finding a “meet-in-the-middle point.”  A more shared perspective, and even a change of heart, is then possible.

By finding ways to come together, we all benefit.  We all begin to heal from the harsh aggressiveness of the last few months.  Ultimately, this is the path which will allow future generations to inherit a kinder, more caring, more peaceful, more cohesive world!

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