I talk so often to my clients about the value of really being present for each precious moment.  This moment will never come again, and it’s meant to be cherished.  When we’re feeling emotional about something that’s happened in the past, or worried about something that might happen in the future, we’re missing the actual experience of now.

Don’t be absent from your own life!  Be really present for whatever is happening.

I chose to write about this  particular quote, for a very good reason.  As you read this week’s blog post, I’m going to be on vacation, and I’m going to be immersing myself in each wonderful moment.  I’m going to be present and aware, so that I don’t miss any of the magic.  I’m going to wrap my mind and heart around the energy of being with much-loved family, and taking in all the natural beauty of fall in the Pacific Northwest.

What are you missing when you have your mind somewhere else?  Are there lessons to learn, experiences to savor, something of value that you aren’t getting?  Bring your attention to whatever you’re doing, wherever you are, and get the gift of the moment.

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    • Thank you, Amy! We did enjoy most of the moments on our vacation. Unfortunately, my husband and I both caught nasty colds, so it was a bit more challenging to enjoy those moments. But we still loved the beautiful fall colors, and being with our loved ones!


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