When you think of yourself, what image comes to your mind?  Do you see yourself through loving eyes?  All too often, our mental images are very self-critical.  We look at ourselves in the mirror, and instantly see what we categorize as “our flaws.”  That image and identity gets locked in our minds!
This is particularly true for women.  We look at ourselves and see the less than perfect body, the hair that’s either too curly or too straight, the circles under our eyes, the smile (or worry) lines, the double chin, and on and on…

We’re teaching our children subtle lessons any time we make self-critical comments, or frown at our images in the mirror, or don’t want our pictures taken until we lose “those extra pounds.”  What if we taught our children to be self-accepting by the examples we set for them?  What if we learned to appreciate our smiles, our sparkling eyes, our bodies that take us through the day?

Even more importantly, what if we learned to “see,” and really value, what’s inside our outer packages?  What if we began to think of ourselves as generous spirits, and loving hearts?  What a difference that would make!

Please, make a decision right now, to begin looking at yourself with loving eyes and an accepting mind.  Start erasing those old, negative tapes.  It’s a process of change, and will take time.  If done, though, it will free up a lot of energy, and will allow you to move through your day with grace, and a renewed zest for life!  That’s what we want for all of the world’s children, so let’s lead the way!!

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