God, grant me the
to accept the things I cannot change
to change the things I can
and the
to know the difference.

I belong to a wonderful networking group, called Contacts N Coffee, which meets every Friday morning in Santa Barbara.  Part of our meeting is to stand up, and, in 30 seconds, tell the group about what we do in our business.  

Last Friday, when it was my turn, I shared this prayer with the group.  I did it, because I realized a big part of what I do is to help my clients put this into practice.

Many times I work with people who are really suffering with anxiety or depression.  Some are not open to anything religious or spiritual.  If they are open, though, and if they seem to have a belief in a higher power — and if their faith has given them comfort at some point in their lives, I give them a copy of The Serenity Prayer.

They usually read it over quickly — and then start to fold it and put it in their pocket or purse.  I ask them to please stop.  I tell them that I hope they won’t just take it home, and stick it away in a drawer somewhere!  I ask them to put it up where they can see it first thing in the morning — and the last thing at night — and to really think about how their lives might change if they could put that prayer into action.

If you are feeling stuck, and don’t know what to do to start moving forward in your life, think about this simple prayer.  Are you overwhelmed and anxious?  Really think about how different your life would be if you could accept the things that you can’t change.  Then think about what it would be like it you could find the courage to change the things that you do have control over — like the choices you make.  You can forge a new path, one small step after another.

As for the wisdom, that comes one prayer at a time!

Until next time,


* Photo credit:  I honestly don’t remember whether my husband took this picture, or if I did, but I love the peacefulness of the scene!


  • Love this, Linda. My very good friend recites this daily and reminds me to do it too when things get stressful. You are correct, it doesn’t matter if you believe in God or not, it’s just a nice reminder – one can substitute any word for God. Nice post.

  • Thank you, Laurie! I appreciate hearing how this helps your friend, and how she encourages you to use it too. As long as people have some belief in a higher power that they can talk to when they’re feeling alone, it can help them change their focus, and later to begin changing their lives. Thank you for commenting! I look forward to hearing from you again.


    • Awesome post. I googled The Serenity Prayer and this came up. It has motivated me to print out the prayer and I plan to hang it next to my bathroom mirror so I see it each morning when I begin my day.


  • Greg, thank you so much for letting me know that you found this post motivating. I am so glad! I’m also happy that you found it by googling The Serenity Prayer. That means others will be able to find it too. I think having it next to your bathroom mirror is a wonderful idea! You’ll see it there the first thing in the morning, and hopefully the last thing at night.

    I wish you great success as you journey forward to a more serene future! Please feel free to join me again on this blog. I would love to hear what you think of other posts that I write.

    Take good care,


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