I love this picture!  My husband took it of one of our granddaughters at a local Santa Barbara beach.  She seems lost in the moment, which is such a wonderful ability of young children.  They know how to take a moment, and really immerse themselves in it.  It’s a special talent they all seem to possess.

As I look at the picture, I can’t help wondering what her thoughts were as she gazed out across the water.  Was she dreaming of some secret adventure that her lively mind had just created?  Or, was she patiently looking, hoping to spot a pod of dolphins frolicking about in the water?  Whatever it was, the camera captured a happy scene for us to be able to savor as she grows older.

I wonder, as adults, if we could begin to recapture some of the magic of childhood if we really tried.  If we could leave our worries about tomorrow, and our regrets of yesterday, and really immerse ourselves in the present moment, what magic might reveal itself to us?

Let’s give it a try!  Shall we?  I think it must be one of the simple secrets of happiness!

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    • It’s great that you’ve had that experience, Amy, but I hear that you’d like to have it happen more often. Begin with short moments of really focusing on wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing. Over time, add other activities and places to focus on. I’d love to hear how you’re doing with that in time.


    • I agree with you, Calla. It is a wonderful feeling when we find it, but it can be elusive.


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