We are surrounded with so much noise on a daily basis!  There’s all kinds of noise: traffic, construction, machinery, t.v., etc.  For some, this doesn’t seem to be a big problem.  For others, it can feel like they’re being constantly bombarded with harsh sounds, which put their nerves on edge.

There can be a lot of variance in our ability to deal with this barrage.  Today, my husband and I were out in the front yard, when down the street, a very loud wood chipper started up, interrupting our peace and quiet.  He right away knew that I wasn’t very happy with this loud, incessant, grinding noise!  There are, for sure, some noises that are much worse than others.

I tend to be pretty sensitive to sound, and I enjoy quietness.  My husband, on the other hand, isn’t comfortable with too much silence.  Over the years, we’ve learned to be a bit more flexible, and to each adapt to the needs of the other.  Sometimes it’s a bit more noisy than I like.  Other times, it’s more quiet than he prefers.  All in all, we’ve found what works for us!

I think everyone needs at least a little time in their day that is more quiet and soothing.  We can benefit from being able to hear the softer sounds of nature, such as a bird’s song, the rustling of leaves, the babbling of a brook, and the buzzing of bees.  If you’re constantly surrounded with city noise, you may not even realize the toll it’s taking on you.

If you’re feeling tired, edgy, and easily stressed, try creating an oasis of silence for a few minutes.  Turn off anything that makes noise.  Find a comfy spot to sit.  Bring your focus down to your breath.  Breathe slowly in and out several times.  Scan your body, from head to toe, and see if there’s any tightness that needs relaxing and letting go.  Luxuriate in the soothing sound of silence.  It’s almost like a mini-vacation!  Try it, and see if you don’t feel better.

Become more mindful of how much noise you’re surrounded with everyday.  Find ways to soften the harshness of the more grating sounds, and think about turning off some of the unnecessary background noises from time to time.  You’ll find yourself feeling less stressed, and more peaceful.

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