” The roses bloom so beautifully because they are not trying to become lotuses. Be yourself.”

by Osho *

There is so much wisdom in these few simple words. When we allow ourselves to be authentically who we are, we are magnificent! When we try to be something we’re not, we are but a poor copy of an original.

Be true to who and what you are inside.

Until next time,


* This quote was brought to my attention by a member of my Twitter community: DocMarion (Marion Ross, Ph.D), and I want to thank her for that.


  • I really like this quote and it is so true. I think many times are anxiety and unhappiness stems from trying to be something we’re not. We must strive to please ourselves and not concern ourselves with what others think about us. I know this is many times easier said than done but as you say if we are true to ourselves we allow ourselves to become all we can be. Hope you are enjoying this holiday season. Merry Christmas.

  • Thanks for your comment, Brian. It’s a simple quote, but it can be difficult to live by. Our negative self talk leads us to think that we need to be different than we are — that we aren’t enough. We need to become more aware of the subtle negative messages that we give ourselves, and then change them through affirmations. Thanks for your good wishes. I wish you good times with friends and family too.


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