There’s so much beauty this time of year, but there’s also a lot of stress. Holidays have a way of bringing sadness to many people. They may be missing loved ones who have died, or who just aren’t available for one reason or another.

Holidays can also bring a sense of overwhelm to quite a few — too much to do and not enough time to do it.  Everyone seems to live such busy, fast-paced lives now.  Finding extra time (and money) to shop, decorate, and make special foods isn’t easy.

If your old ways of celebrating no longer seem to be working the way they once did, try creating something new.  What would make you happy without adding a lot of stress?  Give yourself permission to make this time easier and more satisfying.

The main thing to remember if you’re feeling sad, overwhelmed, or stressed, is to be patient, kind and compassionate with yourself.  Watch out for any harsh, negative self-talk.  That doesn’t help anyone.  It will only make you feel worse.  If you’re really struggling, try reaching out to others.  Talking to good friends who have shown themselves to be supportive and not judgemental may be a comfort.  If that doesn’t help, call a professional who is trained and experienced in how to help you feel better.

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