So many people are weighed down with worry and stress today!  One thing that can help us relax and recharge our energies, is to prioritize time spent with our friends.  We get so focused on being serious, responsible adults, that we often put off non-productive activities.  These can be the very activities we need to help give our lives balance!

This morning, I met a friend for coffee, and then a walk along our local boat marina.  Eva is 84 yrs. old, and walks slowly, with the aid of a cane.  Her mind is so lively and quick, though, and she’s interested in, and passionate about, all facets of life.  She, also, has a wonderful sense of humor!  We’re always so busy talking and laughing when we get together, that time just flies by.

I love being around her, and always come away feeling re-energized and full of good spirits.  Eva is an amazing person, and I’ve learned so much from her!  I’m in awe of her wisdom and inner strength.  And even though she’s been through many hard times, these experiences haven’t stolen her zest for life!  She enriches the lives of anyone lucky enough to know her.

I could have chosen to stay home and do serious adult things, like laundry, paperwork, etc., instead of meeting a friend.  Those things were still here waiting for me when I got back, but the time I spent away allowed me to tackle them with renewed energy.

If you’re feeling too stressed by life, pick up the phone and invite a friend to go do something fun and relaxing.  There are always going to be grown-up responsibilities to deal with, but there’s nothing wrong with taking a timeout from them.  Give it a try, and watch the stress melt away!

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  • Thank you for this post! It is the simple things like spending time with our best friends that we tend to take for granted. Every time i spend time with my friends I tell myself “I need to set aside more time for them!” And yet we are all guilty of being overly serious adults! Thanks again for the reminder.

    • I so appreciate your comment, Patricia! I’m glad that this post served as a reminder to you to make time for your friendships. You’re right. We all do spend a lot of time being serious adults!


  • It’s amazing the effect our friends can have on us. Just losing track of time and being wrapped up in a good conversation is so calming. Also setting aside the time to laugh and genuinely enjoy the company of a cherished friend can really make my troubles go away. Thank you for the story and reminder to appreciate those in our lives.

    • Thank you for sharing with us how your friends enrich your life, Lisa! I so agree with you about the value they add. No matter what struggles we might be having, they seem more manageable after spending time with close friends.


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