Do you know someone who brings negativity into your life on a regular basis?  Do you find yourself being put down and belittled time and again by this person?  The chances are very good that this is someone who is toxic, and the less time you spend around them, the better!

This might be a boss, a co-worker, a friend, or neighbor.  It can even be someone really close to you, like a parent or a sibling.  They come in many different guises, but their commonality is that whenever they’re around, unhappiness and tension follow them.

They bring drama and chaos, hurt feelings and insecurity to those who are their targets.  They seem to have a need to make others feel bad about themselves.  They are toxic, and they spread their toxicity around like a blanket, enveloping those who get caught in their manipulations!

If you have someone like this in your life, there’s nothing wrong with protecting yourself, and creating as much distance as possible from this person.  You don’t owe anyone your loyalty when they consistently mistreat you by either word or deed.  People have to earn your trust by behaving in a trustworthy manner.

Give yourself permission to limit your exposure to toxicity and toxic people!  You have the right to choose to be around people who treat you with kindness, respect, and patience.  Don’t surrender your peace of mind and emotional comfort to anyone!  Draw safe, healthy boundaries around yourself, and then maintain them consistently.

Become aware, and empowered!  Stand strong, and prevent toxic people from attempting to overstep the boundaries you’ve set.  You’ll feel so much happier and more peaceful when you do.

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