Do you feel peaceful and relaxed while you’re on your computer, iPad, smart phone, etc.?  Are you really in the moment, when you’re plugged into some type of technology?

I spend quite a bit of time on the computer doing online marketing, social media updates, writing this blog, and keeping up with email.  I don’t really think about how much time, until I get away from it for awhile.

When I first thought about writing this post, I was thinking about different articles I’ve read lately pertaining to technology and stress.  I had planned to link with at least a couple, to give you additional information, and then I realized that all I really wanted to do right now was to talk with you from my heart.

Anything we do to extremes creates stress.  Technology is meant to serve us, but when we spend too much time on it, it creates its own stress.  It intrudes on the time that we could be out getting some exercise and enjoying nature, or spending quality time with the ones we love, or even just sitting quietly in meditation or thoughtful contemplation.  There are so many activities that enrich our lives and have nothing to do with technology.

Each day there are many opportunities to unplug and connect with life.  This morning, my husband and I stood looking out our kitchen window watching the hummingbirds flitting around the feeder near by, and then one of them landed on a tall cattail in our pond.  It just sat there motionless for a short time.  What a treat!  Later, I met a friend at a local coffee shop.  While sitting there talking and laughing, it suddenly occurred to me that this was quality time, and it had nothing to do with being plugged into anything.  After dinner tonight, I went out for a walk, and stopped to talk with a neighbor down the block, about all the new flowers I’d been enjoying in his yard.

All of these activities enriched my day.  I would have hated to miss any of them, because I was sitting connected to my computer.  I forget, just like everyone else, and sometimes lose track of the time I’m spending at my computer.  It’s not the way I want to spend my day, though.  I would so much rather connect to people and to nature.  The things that touch my heart are the things that bring me peace of mind.

Technology serves many purposes for us all.  It simplifies some of the tasks that we need to do for home and work on a daily basis.  It helps us connect to those we love who are far away. It entertains us and often educates us,  It brings the rest of the world a lot closer.  The problem lies in putting too much of our time, energy, and thoughts into an unbalanced dependence on technology.

Give it a try!  Consider unplugging at least some portion of every day.  You will notice a deeper sense of peace and a quieter mind.  Your connections to the meaningful world around you will grow and flourish as you make time for them.

I’m renewing my intention to spend more time unplugged.  How about you?

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  • Linda, you are so right about our addiction to technology. I find myself struggling at times trying to find the right balance. While I’ve met some phenomenal people (like you!) online, I’ve also wasted a lot of time. When you use the internet for your business, it’s easy to spend way too much time there thinking that you’re being productive. You’ve inspired me to stretch myself and unplug a little more. Of course, the timing is perfect with the long holiday weekend approaching. So thank you!

  • I wrote this post because I struggle with how to find balance too. I think we all waste a lot of precious time by being online more than we need to. You’re so right, we do fool ourselves into thinking we’re being productive, but… Thank you for your great comment and for your kind words. I so love “knowing” you and Steve! You can come by this blog anytime. You’re always welcome here!


  • What a great post! As someone who has spent many years in the tech arena, I know first hand how easy it is to get too caught up in the “latest & greatest” and forget there there is MUCH more to a well-rounded, balanced life.
    Thanks for the reminder!

  • Thank you for your very kind comment, Steve. Isn’t it easy to discover that all of the sudden hours have gone by while you’ve been engrossed in some technological task? I think it’s something that we all struggle with from time to time. Unfortunately, for some people it’s a constant distraction from their real lives. I think I’m going to have periodic reminders regarding this, because I get caught up too.


  • Thank you, Debby, for your very kind comment. I would be very flattered if you decide to read this post on your show! Thank you for thinking it’s worth sharing with your listeners. Please stop by my blog any time. I love writing for readers like you!


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