September 11th is a day of so much sorrow, anger, and fear!  This September 11th, though, can be a new beginning.  We can each start to look at the world — and the people in it — in a new way.  We can choose to see with open hearts, rather than closed minds.

Our world has become so complicated and too often frightening.  There is such violence and suffering on a very wide scale.  From the newest babies, to the oldest men and women, there are the most basic human needs not being met. Too many people carry the burden of  hatred in their hearts, instead of love and caring.  Why?  I do not believe that we were created to live in a separate and hostile world.

Change won’t be easy, and it won’t happen in an instant, but it is possible.  It all begins with each of us taking a deep breath and really thinking about how we move through our world.  How do we see life around us?  Do we see the similarities — or the differences?  Are we open to learning about what we don’t understand?  Are we willing to reach out a hand to someone who needs it, without stopping to listen for a common language or to look for the same skin tones?  Are we each waiting for someone else to be the one to step up to be the change we need in the world?

We can get quiet within ourselves, and choose to do the right thing.  We can choose to look at all men and women as our brothers and sisters, and, as a family, learn to co-exist peacefully and honorably.  We can choose to look at each tiny, newborn life, no matter where that birth takes place as our precious child, worthy of being protected, cherished, and safely guided.

Little by little, we can create a world based on love, acceptance, and caring.  It doesn’t start with someone else.  It starts with you.  It starts with me.  We can choose to see all of life with open hearts.  Let’s have this September 11th be a time to choose greater love, more kindness, and deeper generosity of spirit for all.

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  • Linda, this is such a beautiful reflection of the tragedy of 9/11. You are so right how we can all make a difference. It starts with us! I don’t understand why bad things happen. But I do believe we can learn and grow from those experiences. By focusing on all that is good and right, by promoting peace and acceptance, and learning from our mistakes, we can help to make this world a better place. Blessings to you!

  • You’re right, Renee. None of us know why bad things happen, but they’re at least more bearable if we reach out to each other. Thank you, as always, for your kind support of this blog and your heartfelt comment. Thank you, also, for the personal blessings. Those are gratefully appreciated.


  • Thank you, Lynn, for letting me know that this was meaningful to you. We all can be the change that our world needs. It starts when each of us opens our heart just a little wider. It starts when we teach a tiny child to love instead of hate. There are so many ways that it can start!


  • Dear Linda,
    You have a wonderful easy on the eyes website. I totally agree with your comments about choosing to to see with open hearts rather than close minds. It all starts with each of us. For several years now I have resonated with this affirmation from Neal Walsh’s “Conversations with God” series: Make every moment of your life an outpouring of love. I find it easy to actually to do that with everyone I meet and you’d be suprised at how the world around you changes when you give love to everyone, especially when someone is not kind to you.
    My best to you and your practice in helping others in Santa Barbara.
    With love,

  • Thank you, Agris. You’re right. “The world around you changes when you give love to everyone…” I couldn’t agree with you more! It leads to a deeper peace in your own heart, and helps all you come in contact with to feel cared about and connected. I appreciate your warm support and loving presence.


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