Relax? Is that a foreign word to you? In our fast-paced, over-pressured life, too many people feel that relaxation is a luxury they can’t afford.

When you look at this picture of a man lying back poolside in a lounge chaise, can you imagine yourself there?   Can you imagine letting your tired mind and body totally relax? Can you feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, as you stretch out after a refreshing swim in the pool ? How long has it been since you’ve allowed yourself time to really unwind and do absolutely nothing?

What’s your daily schedule like? Whether you sit in an office with your fingers dancing over the computer keys, with the telephone cradled to your ear, or are out and about doing physically demanding and technically challenging work, or are a stay-at-home-parent trying to keep up with bright, constantly moving, adventure-seeking kids, how much downtime do you allow yourself between getting up in the morning and going to bed at night? Is there any balance to your life? If not, you are in serious need of a change. You can’t afford not to look at the choices you make. I work with clients on this all the time. It’s an important part of stress management!

Most of us can’t head off to an island where we are free to spend our days swaying in a hammock relaxing under the palm trees, but we can be creative and find other ways to make some much needed changes to our daily schedules! What small steps can you take today to unwind and be mellow? Don’t put it off! Start now to be a better friend to yourself! Create some time that is non-negotiable and sacred, just for you to relax — no busyness allowed!

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