“It’s never too late to be who you might have been.”  What an empowering quote!  As we grow older, many of us have the tendency to close the door on our dreams.  We tell ourselves that it’s too late now to go back to school, to take up a new career, to start an interesting hobby, to begin a big adventure, and on and on.  We narrow our possibilities.  We say “No” to what might have been.

Today is the youngest you will ever be!  Tomorrow you will be one day older, whether you stretch and grow, or not.  Each day you deny what’s in your heart, what you would secretly like to do — or become — you push your dreams farther away.  Your life narrows!

What if instead you let yourself take one small step toward what might have been, what could be?  The result would be that your dreams become just a little bit more of a possibility.  Each step after that brings more joy, and more acceptance of the whole process of change and development.  Each succession of steps stretches your comfort zone, and your view of what’s possible. Your life expands!

What if you allowed yourself to see making mistakes as part of your journey, as wonderful opportunities to learn — instead of something to fear?  Can you imagine how freeing that would be?  Do you see how much closer your dreams would feel, how much more attainable?

Please don’t close the door on your potential!  Pick up a paint brush, and reach out toward an easel.  Type that first sentence of your future novel.  Plan that exciting adventure.  Go online and check out the offerings of your local college.  Pick up a musical instrument.  Research various career paths.  There are so many ways to stretch and grow.

The important thing is that you recognize your right to dream, and your right to take action on breathing life into those dreams!  It is truly never too late — unless you tell yourself that it is, and then you believe what you say.  Are you ready to open that door just a bit wider?  I hope so!

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