So many people in this world feel alone!  Sometimes our biological family is either unhealthy, unavailable, or just not enough to fulfill our needs for whatever reason.  To give ourselves permission to create a chosen family, is to give ourselves the power to better meet our needs.  It also gives us the power to be there for the people we connect with, who might also each need a deeply meaningful connection.

When we put energy into inclusion, rather than exclusion, the world becomes better for everyone concerned.  It doesn’t have to be about “us and them.”  When we open our hearts and minds to include others, we learn, we grow, we become more than we’ve ever been before.  I really believe this!

How can you draw a bigger circle?  What do you need in order to allow that closeness with others?  We all need love.  We all need to feel that we belong.  We are so much more together than we are alone.  Love and connection will heal our world!

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