This can be a magical time of the year!  It can also be a time when the pain of the past settles in on you, and creates a profound heartache.  When that happens, it can feel like you’re the only one who isn’t caught up in happy celebrating.  Feeling alone only adds to your sorrow.

It’s important to feel your feelings, and not stuff them, or deny they exist.  It’s also important to not give them more power over you than is necessary.  Feeling sad for part of a day is very different from feeling sad for days on end.  If you need help, please reach out for it!

Allow yourself to have a simpler holiday season if that’s what feels the most comfortable to you.  Don’t force yourself to put on a mask of merriment, and try to meet others’ expectations.  Be gentle and nurturing with yourself.  Connect with those who will support and accept you as you are.  Try to focus on the blessings that you do have in your life.  Believe it or not, they’re there if you look hard enough.

Remember that the sadness you are feeling right now will begin to lift in time.  Be patient with yourself.  This heartache will pass.  Life will start to ease, and you will find your joy and peace again.

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    • I’m glad that this post felt meaningful to you, Lisa! You’re right, we all need to remember that many are struggling right now. We can each help by reaching out to others, with a phone call, a visit, and even a smile and kind word to a stranger we might chance to meet.


  • This is a real problem for many people. Thanks for this timely subject and the ways to help ourselves feel through it.
    Linda Havlik

    • Thank you, Linda! Sadness during the holidays can definitely be a problem. The best way to deal with it is to face it, and when necessary, get the help that we need.


  • A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook that she is struggling through the holiday season because of her brother who passed away. I think your blog will really help her through these tough times and I hope that eventually, things will get easier for her. Thank you for sharing your words.

    • Thank you for letting me know about your friend, Lisa! I so want to reach out to people who are hurting. If my words bring her, and others, even a little comfort, I will be deeply grateful. Not too many people know about my blog, so I always appreciate when others share it. That helps me reach those who might need it.


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