Mother Teresa’s quote is so appropriate, and much needed right now!  There are so many things around the world that are causing fear, stress, and hopelessness for people.  We, of course, have natural occurring pain and suffering from diseases, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and fires.

But there’s also man’s inhumanity toward others, on both large and small scales.  They may use different types of violence, but the results are the same.  It’s people who turn their backs on others in their time of need.  It’s people who give into their thirst for power, greed, revenge, and control, who cause so much sorrow.

If everyone truly understood and remembered that we’re all interconnected — that we belong to each other, there would be peace on earth!  There would be a free and equitable sharing of the various resources throughout our world.  There would be safe shelters, nutritious food, and clean water to drink for everyone.  When natural tragedies occurred, there would be a reaching out to each other in every possible way, and it wouldn’t end until the need was ended.  There would be equality of rights for all.  No one would be afraid of anyone else.  We would finally be able to live as brothers and sisters.

We would have a Heaven on Earth, if love, caring, and connection were our top priorities!

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