Last week, my blog post was centered around a beautiful quote by Albert Camus.  I used the quote to show how even in the midst of sorrow we can hold the hope of better times to come.

I received an email from a reader who was inspired to write about her experience of coming through sorrow and finding her joy again.  She kindly gave me permission to share her eloquent comment with you.

Her comment:   “Another beautiful thought in your blog this week.  I love the invincible summer idea.  I struggled with great grief last year at this time, not even remembering that there was ever joy outside the relationship I had been enjoying the previous 4 years.  This year I am filled with joy – joy at just waking up to the beauty of another day, joy at the possibilities of the day, joy at the strength of my body and spirit and joy at mere thought of getting to be me.  My “invincible summer” is strong, and I’m grateful.”

I hope that her comment and my last blog post will be comforting to those of you who are struggling with a sorrow right now.  Most of us can deal with almost anything if we have faith that it’s temporary.   

Connect to your “invincible summer” and even in the “depths of winter”, you”ll remain strong and resilient.  Be patient, have faith, and in time, your joy will return.  Keep putting one foot in front of the other, until you find your way out of the dark coldness and into the warmth.

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