This weekend is going to possibly give me ample opportunity to do just that!

My husband and I are celebrating a special anniversary on Saturday, and we’re having a large gathering of family at our house. Because there will be a lot of people, we’ve been planning on spilling out into our backyard during the day. This all sounded good until early last week!

We’re in the middle of a really bad drought in California, and people have been praying for rain. February was incredibly dry. The predicted wet winter hasn’t happened.

Things are about to change, and it seems like it’s going to happen on the day of our party! They’re predicting a pretty good rain storm in this area on Saturday. It’s supposed to wait until evening, and I’m sure hoping it does. But I have no control over our weather.

The more I hold the rigid thought that it has to be sunny on Saturday, the more anxiety I will feel at the prediction of rain.  When I am able to relax and focus on the blessing of everyone coming together with love and caring for each other, the happier I feel. When my thoughts turn to the wonderful marriage my husband and I have created, and the deep blessing of our children, and grandchildren, my heart feels full. There’s so much to celebrate!

The weather doesn’t matter. The love does! There’s a part of me that knows this party will be all that it’s meant to be, rain or shine. I’m secure in the knowledge that our family doesn’t care if they’re a bit crowded together inside our house. We’ve weathered some pretty rugged storms as a family throughout the years, and a little rain isn’t going to dampen anyone’s spirits.

Everyone has plans for how they want their lives to be. Sometimes things go according to plan, and sometimes not. Learning how to let go, and adapt to what is, creates a peace and calmness that will increase well-being in all areas of our lives.

Celebrate each day, whatever it looks like!

Until next time,


* Photo credit goes to Mary Lou Aukee

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