We all can feel battered and bruised by life at times!  It can be wonderfully soothing to have small, nurturing areas where we can relax and be comforted.

My husband created just such a spot for us!  It’s a garden area sheltered by a tall fence on two sides, and our house on the third side.  Overhead, the lath gives partial shade to the more vulnerable flowers, like orchids. It’s filled with a variety of plants, various sized seashells and rocks, driftwood, and even a birdhouse.  It’s not at all visible until someone walks around the side of the house.  It’s hidden, like a “Secret Garden.”  Going out there with a book and something to drink, then settling into a chair, feels relaxing!

Do you have a spot like this at your home?  It doesn’t matter if it’s inside or out.  In the house, it can be a comfy chair, where you can curl up with a soft blanket over your lap, and gaze out the window at a favorite flower garden.  It can be your bed, topped with colorful pillows and a puffy, down comforter, with books and framed pictures of loved ones on a tabletop nearby.  It might be a quiet area with a piano or guitar, where you can get lost in the music that you love.  What does matter, is that it feels like a haven!

If you don’t have any small, nurturing spots readily available, why not create one today?  Look around your home, or yard, for things that give you pleasure.  Bring those things together in an arrangement that is pleasing to your eyes.  When you feel stressed or in a down mood, retreat for a short time to your special spot.  You’ll feel soothed and comforted in no time!

If you have already created your own cozy spot, why not email me a note and a picture that I can share?  You can reach me at: linda@counselinginsb.com

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